Charellen Poll Herefords

Stan Walker: 0428 919 691
43 McOwans Rd, Pearsondale via Sale, VIC

Breeding Program

Charellen Poll Herefords is based at Pearsondale approximately 5 kilometers west of Sale in Gippsland, Victoria.
The stud was established in 1994 with the purchase of sires and females from Willack, Palarang, Taradale, River Perry and Guilford Poll Hereford Studs.
The cow herd numbers approximately 50 head. Our calving is typically in March and April. Heifers are retained each year based on EBV’s and phenotype. Normally 8 to 10 young bulls are retained for sale at Beef week and throughout the year. Selected bulls will now be offered for sale at the Gippsland Performance Herefords Auction Plus sale in September.


Recent sire purchases have been Ravensdale Trooper L179, an Allendale Anzac E114 son purchased in 2017 and his calves are docile, dark in colour with very good growth.
Ravensdale Spark M016 an Otapawa Spark 3060 son was purchased in 2018. He is a low birth weight bull ranking in the top 5% for EBV’s and is producing meaty calves with excellent growth. A full ET brother is a Herefords Australia Super Sire.

We have increased our use of artificial insemination in recent years to enhance our breeding program with genetically superior bulls. A.I. Sires currently in use are Wirruna Nolan N146 used predominately over heifers. Yavenvale Powerhouse P499 used over heifers and the cow herd with calves on the ground showing real quality.


This year we are including “Super Sire” Elite M202 Q008 into our A.I. program.
All our animals are Breedplan recorded. We measure for birth, 200 day, 400 & 600 day weights. All animals are DNA tested for sire verification and free of genetic conditions.
Retained bulls and heifers are scanned for EMA, IMF and fat. Sale bulls are inoculated against and tested for Pestivirus. Our aim is to provide reliable data into the Breedplan EBV’s.
Our goal is to continually improve our herd and produce cattle with excellent phenotype and docility traits backed up by above average Estimated Breed Values.