Warringa Herefords

Bill Kee: 0407 825 555
440 Nicholson-Sarsfield Road, Victoria

Breeding Philosophy

Warringa Herefords is a progressive Hereford stud owned by Bill & Minnie Kee at Sarsfield, 10 kilometres East of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria.
The Warringa Herd comprises of approximately 60 head which include mature females, maiden heifers and a selection of young bulls suitable for stud and commercial programs. The Warringa herd was horned from 1991 until 2009 when Poll Hereford genetics were introduced, it is now solely Poll Hereford genetics.

The Warringa herd calves in March and April and to achieve their breeding objectives Warringa Herefords use superior genetics through artificial insemination. Young bulls exhibiting breed leading genetics, traits and indexes for the maternal profit drivers of ease of calving, fertility and gestation length together with growth and carcase quality including EMA and IMF are used in the program. They also place great emphasis on temperament.


All animals are BREEDPLAN recorded. All traits are measured including birth weight. All animals are ultra sound scanned for EMA, Fat and IMF. Warringa has now introduced genomics into their management and selection process, they DNA test every animal which allows them to Sire, Dam and Mating verify all their herd. They also test all animals for Pestivirus, homozygous and hetrozygous polledness and all known genetic conditions. These tests ensure the accuracy of their pedigrees, that their cattle are free of all known genetic conditions and their herds genomics are included in their Single Step BREEDPLAN EBV’s.

Warringa Herefords are one of only 11 Hereford herds in Australia with a Gold 5 Star rating under the Completeness of Performance Herd Rating System. Warringa Herefords 5 star rating ensures BREEDPLAN EBV accuracy and confirms their recording of comprehensive performance information.

Warringa Herefords believe it is important to use all the available knowledge, tools and technologies to achieve their breeding objectives. Their view, however, is that it must be done properly to ensure the best possible results are obtained.
With sound structure, guaranteed health and all available data provided through BREEDPLAN and Genomics, Warringa Herefords believe they are offering their clients all available information to enable them to select superior performance based genetics and choose animals that suit their clients breeding objectives and production programs.