Mundook Herefords

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Mundook Herefords was established by Don and Bruce Lester in 1956 and is now owned by Gary and Jill Mc Ainch.

Gary was fortunate to work for the Lesters for 10 years before he moved on to dairy farming at Heyfield. Our involvement with Mundook Herefords commenced again when we sold our dairy interests in 2008, at the same time Bruce Lester was dispersing his Mundook Herefords herd.
We purchased 78 head at the Mundook dispersal sale and moved them to ‘Wandana’ at Sarsfield. We also retained the Mundook stud prefix. At the same time we purchased bulls from Warringa, Karoonda, Bowmont and River Perry. We subsequently added a selection of females from Dunoon, River Perry and Banemore.



In 2015 Mundook started to concentrate on introducing Polled Genetics into our herd and we purchased Injemira Redford J084 (PP) who was subsequently selected for the Herefords Australia Black Baldy BIN Project. Polled bulls were also purchased from Warringa and Moora. Polled genetics were also introduced through artificial insemination with the purchase of semen from bulls with breed leading BREEDPLAN EBV’s.

Years of drought put pressure on ‘WANDANA’ and as a result the Mundook Spring calving herd together with half our Autumn calving herd were relocated to our property at Dumbalk. The balance of our Autumn calving herd remained at WANDANA. In October 2018 the Warringa Herefords herd was relocated from Yarram to Wandana where they have since been conjointly managed as a single operation.